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What’s your Next Step?
Whether you’ve been coming to Kingdom for 18+ years or one day, we want to get to know you, learn how we can help you and your family, and show you ministries that will help you grow. Next Steps is a way for you to learn about our church, find community with others, and figure out where you fit in the body of Christ and at Kingdom.
Every Sunday, Next Steps stations are set up outside the sanctuary where you can drop off your Get Connected card (in your bulletin) and ask any questions you might have. Our Next Steps volunteers are eager to meet you, help you find what you need, and get you connected with the right people. 
About twice a year, Next Steps offers a 3-week class on Tuesday nights designed to give you an in-depth understanding of who we are as a church, who you are as a child of God, and how we want to work with you to help you grow. The class is led by Pastors Kevin Cain and Daniel Strosnider, as well as other staff and volunteers who want to help you find what God has in store for you.
Next Class Session:
April 17, 24, & May 1
// Kingdom Chapel //

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