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  • Pastor Kevin and his Visitation Team take seriously the Matthew 25 admonition to visit those who are in need.

  • If you have a visitation need or are aware of someone who has a visitation need, please provide the information requested below.  When finished, click the “Send” button.  When the “Send” button is clicked, the information you provided will be forwarded to the Visitation Team and Kingdom EMC’s Administrative Assistant for action.
  • Hospital visitation is subject to strict requirements.  In 1996 the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted as Public Law 104-191.  One of the many things this law accomplishes is the protection of hospital patient information.  As a result, patient information can only be released to those authorized to receive it.  Why is this important?  Because, even the name of the patient is considered protected information.   If a member of the church’s visitation team does not have the correct name (typically the birth certificate name) the hospital will not acknowledge the individual as being a patient and will not permit the church’s representative to wander the hallways trying to find the patient.  For example, if the patient is commonly known as “Bobby” or “Bubba” Lee, but his patient name is “Robert E. Lee,” and the visitor asks for “Bobby” or “Bubba” Lee, the hospital will inform the visitor that no such patient is registered.  Therefore, for hospital visitation purposes, please insure that the name you provide is the name under which he or she is registered in the hospital.** 

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